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Thank you

Thank you

I received an email from an old colleague of mine the other week. The email started off with an apology, saying they shamefully had to admit that they misjudged me a while back. It went on to say they’ve been receiving my emails for a while now and at the start, they couldn’t work out what I was doing. Talk about courting controversy on occasion.

But then they realised something. That the emails drew an emotion out of them, and whether it was ‘what the f**k?’ or ’that’s funny’, the emotion made them look out for my emails and now they read them in the right context.

They went on to say I had completely cut through an enormous amount of inbox junk and cynicism and that they now look forward to the next and the next. Thank you, Sam, it’s always good to get feedback and know my emails hit the spot.

Communications agencies talk a lot and offer a lot but very few actually do successfully for themselves what they advise their clients on.

So, if you’re looking to cut through all of the noise and create content that engages, inspires and draws emotions out of people to give them a reason to get in touch with you, then give us a call.




The C-Word

The C-Word

I’ve done it again, blown yet another new business meeting because I used the C-Word.

Call it occupational Tourette’s you like, however, I just can’t help myself.

There I was being told that they wanted lead generation, and it slipped out uncontrollably, Content, I shouted.

It was quite apparent I had offended someone again with the C-Word, and they were far from impressed.

No content and you’re wasting your time doing lead generation, so we ended the meeting and I walk away with my tail between my legs…well, actually no.

I walked away as proud as punch knowing I’d given the right advice for them and not shoehorned yet another agency into a solution that’s doomed to fail.

Content is key to any new business approach, it needs to be regular, relevant, refreshing and rewarding. Not prepared to produce any, then you’re wasting your money and time.

So, before you take on that lead generation agency, or even employ a new business manager to do it in-house, just ask yourself this, are we giving them all the tools they need for success?

We know a few tools, and we’ve chosen not to work with them, we do, however, help open-minded agencies to put the right strategy and plan in place, that delivers the best results possible.

The C-Word isn’t always a bad thing, so give us a call and we’ll help you feel more comfortable using it.


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Make me a cake

Make me a cake

After creating a few winces from my last blog post, which you can read here, I thought I’d sweeten things up a bit this time.

Picture this, you’ve been briefed to make a cake, a big chocolate cake with cream between the layers, all topped off with some healthy strawberries, but there’s one snag, you’re given no ingredients. Impossible, right?

So why it, so many agencies say, go and get some new business, then sit back and relax and moan when no results come in, It’s because there are no ingredients.

Just take a step back and get real. Only when you’ve got your story straight and have a bank of collateral, content and your targeting and strategy in place, can you begin to see proper results.

So before you make yet another costly hire that is set to fail, get the house in order and then you’ll end up with the nice chocolate cake, in this case, a healthy pipeline of commercial opportunities that unlike a makebelieve cake, actually materialise into projects and new clients.

I know a fair bit about cake making, and it also happens I’ve helped a couple of agencies here and there to get their house in order.

So, if you want cake, let’s meet up and I’ll bring you a piece.


07979 861028

Fancy a cheeky line?

Fancy a cheeky line?

A few weeks ago I was talking to the MD of Sonos, I’d approached him on behalf of one of our clients.

He was quick to say that he didn’t need what we were offering, however, he felt compelled to reply, in spite of the fact he receives between 30 & 40 unsolicited emails from agencies daily.
So, why did he reply to my email?​

The answer is simple, a cheeky subject line that stood out and got the email opened, and content that engaged him and made him smile without the waffle.

Email can still be a really good channel for new business,if it’s done well.

So, if like me, you fancy a little cheeky line on occasions, get in touch so we can help your email stand out from the crowd and get read.


A right pain in the arse

A right pain in the arse

New business can be a right pain in the arse and unless you’ve got someone dedicated to it, no one want’s to own it. After all, you’ve got clients to look after and the day job comes first, right?

So, when the pipeline dries up, you have a push on new business, get some meetings in the diary and win some projects, then it’s all hands on deck to service the clients. Sound familiar?

Keeping your pipeline fed is like running a bath, if you want it to be full, you need to leave the tap on.

So, don’t get screwed when it comes to new business, let the experts take control.

We know a bit about getting screwed as we’ve been there before. So if you’re looking for a bit of lubrication to help the new business machine, give us a call.

Let’s start something.

Drop us a line to arrange a meet up to talk—we’ll provide the hot drinks (and maybe even some biscuits). Can’t make it to town? Let’s schedule a call.

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