Back in April, I met a London based agency who was looking for some help with business development and getting meetings in the diary.  As with all agencies, I always say there is no magic sauce to getting new clients on-board and it takes time, a lot of hard work and a mixture of tactical and strategic activity.

Having worked agency side in new business roles I know it takes a good 3-6 months to build a pipeline and begin to see results, obviously during those 3-6 months, meetings do take place and opportunities are uncovered, but like any relationship, they need to grow over time and be nurtured before you win new clients.

So, we enegaged on an initial 3-month basis and through a mixture of tactical and strategic activity, we generated 2 conference calls where there were specific conversations and requirements and 2 face to face to meetings, one with a CEO of a high street retailer, and one with a well-known food brand.

Sadly, for the agency, they didn’t feel we delivered, and I must admit I’m probably not right for them, what they do need is a magician.

I’m no Paul Daniels when it comes to business development, but I’m honest and realistic with what can be achieved. So if you’re looking for some advice and support, drop me a line and lets magic up a meeting to meet each other.