Picture this, you swipe right, you have a conversation and decide to meet, it goes well, you say you love each other, you propose, get married and have kids, live the dream, have an affair and then divorce.

Doesn’t work that way does it!  Unless you’re on Grindr….That’s a different story.

So why is it, time after time, agencies tell me they had excellent rapport during meetings then hear nothing? I tell you why, just like some people on a first date, they expect to seal the deal there and then, no schmoozing, no flirting, they just want to do the business and walk away.

Well, agency new business is not a cheap date, it takes time, understanding, and a process to follow before you get what you want.

So, before you evaluate and write off all of those wasted meetings, please ensure you have a proper follow up process, understand how to keep in touch with people, when, how often and what with, and like a good old traditional gentleman, court them over time to win them over.

I’m no dating expert, that particular avenue of fun was taken away on my wedding day, however, I do know a thing or two about nurturing relationships for new business.

So, if you want help converting more of those meetings into paying clients, drop me a line so we can have a chat.


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