If you’ve given up sending cold email, you’re missing a trick.

Time after time I tell clients, if the subject line is catching, it’ll get opened, if the content is specific to the recipient and it makes them smile, they’ll continue to read it, and if you tie it all up with a commercial reason for them to reply or take a call, they will.

That’s exactly what I did yesterday for a brave client of mine. I sent an email on their behalf to the CEO of a well known high street wine retailer, the subject line was “Thanks for the Hangover” not lying there, I thanked him and acknowledged the great service I get from the manager of my local,  and that most Monday mornings I’m hungover after the cases of Cote de Provence Rosé I’ve been buying (much needed when the sun shines).

I then went on and made reference to the recent trading results, as they’ve just reported some great growth and profit, all down to the cases and cases of Rosé I’ve been buying, as I went on to tell him, I also mentioned that I happened I work for business that can get more people through the doors, buying even more wine off his shelves to contribute to even better results and sales in the future, if only he was brave enough to listen to some of our ideas.

Within 3 minutes of sending that email, he replied, complimenting me on the approach and offering us a chance to pitch some ideas to him around a specific challenge he has, and that there may be some wine in it too.

Now tell me a cold email doesn’t work.

We’re all just doing a job, people still buy people, so make it fun, make it relevant and enjoy it.

I know a lot about Rosé and hangovers, and I’m not too bad at creating the odd email here and there that gets opened and noticed.

So, if you’re brave enough, let us have a chat to see how I can help you get in front of the people you want to talk to.

If not, carry on and drink wine.