Unless you’re tasked with generating new business for the agency, the chances are you don’t really want to or need to get involved with it, so bugger off and go and buy your own bacon butty.  If however you are, carry on reading, and I might buy you one.

I’ve talked about the cobblers children syndrome before, here in my blog, and I talk about it quite a lot to the agencies I meet and work with. If only you could spend the time and resource focusing on new business as much as you do on current clients and pitching to new ones.

Well, at the start of this year, one of my clients did just that, they worked up a new business brief, got their best strategic and creative minds working on it, and executed a perfect plan for the goals that they were working towards, more meetings, please.

The result was a beautifully bound hardback book, full of client’s praises, updates and very tactful and eloquently worded self-promotion, I had the pleasure of spending 7 weeks in their offices following up this book that was sent to 200 C-Suite contacts in the Media, Advertising and Tech sectors, and guess what! I booked 49 meetings for my client to attend, which has already lead to new briefs and new business. Here’s what they had to say if you scroll down a little.

I urge you to find time for new business, support the new business people you have, and get your creative and strategic talent in the business to spend some time focussing on what, most agency folk, don’t seem to want to have any responsibility of, growth and success for the agency.

So, go and book a meeting, do it the pub at lunchtime, after work, or even buy everyone a bacon butty before work, and just think, if you could sit in front of 49 C-Suite contacts, that bill for the bacon butties would seem quite insignificant.

As it happens, I know a lot about the bacon butty, and I also know a fair few things that help agencies get more meetings, so if you fancy either, drop me a line and let us meet up.

Andrew 🙂