If you’ve had nothing better to do, you may have read one or two of my emails, some have gone down better the others although “just about every hand you’ve ever shaken” certainly caused a stir, and the last one I sent you about my 33 meetings, well that’s now gone up to 44, although I have a slight problem…Blog Fog. What do I write about next?

Well, I should have listened to Lena’s advice, she’s in a similar kind of business to me, and she told me I needed a content plan, did I listen to her? did I hell, so now I’ve only got myself to blame, and I owe you a big apology Lena, and an even bigger Gin & Tonic.

It’s all fair and good advising and working with agencies helping them get their marketing and new business plans in order, but I’ve fallen victim to the cobblers children syndrome.

So, before you fall foul to a similar fate, take advice and listen to those that know best.

I don’t talk cobblers, I just give honest and open advice when it comes to helping you see through the fog and getting new business through the door.