That was the brief, and 4 weeks on 33 are in the diary all with C Suite, so how the hell have I managed that?

 Ok, I have to admit, some of those meetings are with people where there is an established relationship, but not all of them, some were totally cold contacts.

Good old-fashioned DM followed up by a call, and nearly everyone who is on the list has an EA/PA who are ideal to get feedback from.

So when it comes to getting new business, always remember your existing network, lapsed clients & people you’ve met in the past and yes, DM when done really well does work, it creates a good impression, gives you a reason to follow up and cuts through the multitude of emails people get.

I can’t promise you 33 meetings, but I can help you get your story straight, stand out from the crowd and get you sitting in front of the people that want to do business with you.