What if I was to say you don’t have any?

If you’ve actually read every blog on my website, well done! Drop me a line so we can meet up and I’ll buy you a coffee as a thank you.

You probably haven’t though, and won’t be aware that in a previous blog ‘Back To The Old School’ I made reference to an old boss of mine, a scary Scottish woman by the name of Sandra Procter.

She taught me everything about business, how to run one, and how not, and her wise words and approach still influence a lot of things I do today.

So, there I was the other night on my second glass of wine, and I had one of those moments.

Not the type that normally ends up with me questioning who and where I am, but one where the memory of the scary Scottish women came flooding back, to the day she shot me down for making a reference to one of our competitors, “we don’t have competitors” she shouted across the office; “they’re just companies that do a similar thing to us”.

Little did I understand her retaught at the time and if it wasn’t for the wine the other day, that particular lesson she taught me may have been forgotten forever. So drinking wine on a school night is a good thing, as it got my brain ticking.

We don’t have competitors, simply other businesses that offer a similar service to us.

Sandra sold her business based on who she was and her beliefs and philosophies, and people she met either loved or hated her. The clients that loved her, were long-standing loyal followers and the best advocates a business could wish for, the ones that hated her simply went to another business that offered a similar service.

She never sold on past experience, who her current clients were or on what the process was, people either brought into her or they didn’t, it was incidental that she worked with the best in the business and delivered training for the top leaders in their industries.

And if the penny had dropped all those years ago, I probably would be on a beach by now with my gin and Shirley Bassey (that’s another blog).

It’s not about what we do, how we do it or whom we do it for. You need to stand up and be counted so not be pigeonholed into a box with the rest of the competitors, as the psychiatrist said to the unicorn, “you need to believe in yourself”.

Who you are and what you believe, is you, it’s your brand, so embrace it and learn to love it. This can also be translated into your positioning and offering, don’t be like the rest of them, be different, challenge convention and be honest with yourself. You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve.

I’m no scary Scottish woman, but I do help people find the truth in themselves and the agencies they run and how that can be translated for the new business environment, so drop me a line and let me show you how you can stand out from your competitors.


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