Why do you do this every day, have you ever asked yourself what’s the point?

Getting new clients on board is a funny old thing and whatever industry and discipline you’re in, competition is tough, but is there a secret ingredient? If there were I would have bottled it, sold it years ago and I’d currently be dancing on a beach to Shirley Bassey covered in body glitter with a gin in hand.

So, to give yourself a fighting chance you need to stand out from the crowd and be different, remember, people automatically stick you in a box.

So, have you ever asked yourself Why you do what you do, I mean why are you in business and what your true motivations are?

Just stop for a second and have a look at your website, I can pretty much guarantee there will be a section on what you do, how you do it, who does it and whom you do it for, now have a look at a couple of competitor websites, I can pretty much guarantee there will be a section on what they do, how they do it, who does it, and whom they do it for. See the problem?

Now, ask yourself Why you do what you do, what really motivates you to get up in the morning? Why are you in business? And I don’t mean to earn money and make a living, but what differentiates you from other businesses out there? And please don’t say because you’re collaborative, strategic, innovative, blah blah blah, everyone says the same old shite.

When you finally answer the why, it’ll give people a reason to interact with you on a completely different level, not one where they are judging you based on your price, product or service, but one based on principles and beliefs. You’ll have a better chance of standing out from the crowd and getting people to buy into you.

Depending on the answer, some of your prospects will like it, some won’t, but I tell you now, once you’ve answered the why, you’ve got a far better chance of getting people to sit up and listen to what you have to say based on principles and beliefs, far better than trying to compete with the competition based on price, product or service, yeah?

If you’re in any doubt as to why, you need to focus on the why, Watch this, it might just change your way of thinking.

I’m not bad at dancing to Shirley, but the thing I love more is to help people find the why, translate it into a message for new business and help them find new clients. So drop me a line and maybe together, we can take on the world and drum up some new business.