When I took the massive leap to set up Wayout Consulting I received a lot of encouraging words, mainly from people that have had the balls to set something up themselves, and it helped me cement the fact that I’d done the right thing.

The main reason why I’ve done this is that, deep down, I’m a real softy and I genuinely want to help people. This is where I get my kicks and satisfaction, I feel happy in the knowledge that I’ve helped someone. I’m not building this business based on commercial requirements but one based on my morals and desire to give people honest advice and to help them grow their businesses.

Like anyone I have goals and aspirations, I want to disrupt the industry we’re in, challenge people and their pre-conceived ideas, stand up to the oversized egos and bring people together to get new business recognised for what it is.

Although still in its infancy, the approach I’m taking has already caused some reaction, and good, at least I know people are listening. But, what really upsets me are the people out there that think they’re above their station and far better than me.

Last week I sent out an email, the subject, I thought was quite good, ‘do not employ a new business agency’ I knew it would get opened and get a reaction, the email went on to say that, despite all the online articles that cold calling is dead, when done properly and by the right people (new business agencies included) it works and can work very well.

So there I was waiting for the reaction, and it came. An email from an ex-colleague who’d clearly missed the point, read the subject line and reacted without engaging the brain. They told me that not all new business agencies cold call badly, and that if I were still working there I’d realise just how advanced new business is these days.

Thanks for that, since leaving I’ve been under a rock and have stopped breathing

They then went on and questioned me, as a one-band, how I make my strategic calls.

I don’t and I have no desire to do so, I’ll leave that to the experts.

The person in questions also said they meet hundreds of agencies every year that can’t afford them, which they could refer my way.

But what if those agencies can’t afford me either?

Oh yeah, I’m a one-man band and have no skill, experience or credibility to charge the fees I do, just like the bloke on the picture.

Some things I’ve learned over the years is not to judge and stick people in a box, don’t take things too seriously and never mock, take the piss and get personal.

Two fingers to them all I say. I’m going to disrupt, I will cause a reaction and I’m going to succeed. Of course mistakes along the way will be made, and that’s the best way to learn.

Never think you’re better than anyone else, we all go to the loo and we’re all part of the same race, the human one. So start being nice to people.

I’m no Chris Martin, but I do know a thing or two about new business, so if you fancy extracting me from the box you’ve put me in, drop me a line and let’s have a chat.

07979 861028