OK, I hear you, we’re only in October and still have Halloween and Bonfire night to go, but seriously before you know Christmas will be here.

Which is ok if you like family time, mince pies and turkey, but not so great if your pipeline is dwindling and those new business targets aren’t looking so good for the last quarter.

Wouldn’t it be better to sit down on Christmas day in the comfort that come January you’re on track and 2018 is going to start off on the right foot?

Well here are 12 tips that might just help to get a few more meetings in the diary and maybe new business through the door.

1 Old clients and dormant contacts

  • Speak to them and find out what they’re up to; see if they need any help.

2 Outreach campaign

  • Send a targeted campaign based on industry issues, and demonstrate how you can help solve them.

3 Invite your clients to your Christmas party

  • It’s amazing how many agencies don’t do this, invite them, and get to know them. It’s about building relationships.

4 Make sure you’re talking to the intermediaries

  • Keep them up to date with what you’re up to, new projects you’re working on the challenges you’re solving for clients.

5 Know where your audience is, events/expo’s /seminars

  • Go along, say hi, get some business cards and talk to people.

6 Review those client development plans

  • If you have these in place, ensure your account teams are fulfilling them.

7 Review your new business strategy

  • Have a look at what’s worked in the past and repeat if you can.

8 Use your network

  • Leads can come from all sorts of avenues, show an interest in people and what they’re up to. You never know what opportunity you might stumble across.

9 Blog

  • Keep it up to date; keep it relevant, it can help raise your profile.

10 Put on an event/breakfast session

  • If the topic is on trend and relevant, people will flock and it’s a great way to invite your prospects and begin to build relationships with them.

11 New business is everyone’s business

  • We all spend every living hour interacting with brands and companies so ask everyone in the agency to come up with examples of ones that you can help based on personal experiences, useless UX, dated branding, rubbish website, badly targeted advertising. It’s far easier to make an approach to someone with a live example of how you can help them.

12 Recycle old pitches

  • Have you done loads of research and come up with great creative only to lose the pitch? Re-use it, reach out to relevant brands and competitors, and don’t let it go to waste.


It’s not rocket science nor is it easy to ensure you’ve got a healthy pipeline, there are many avenues to explore, and it’s about finding out which ones are right for you.

If you don’t want sleepless nights thinking about where the next client is coming from, then give me a call. I might just be able to help you pay for the turkey and mince pies and help you to have a relaxing Christmas.

Remember, if you’re awake Christmas night, Santa wont come.