Did you read the blog I sent a few weeks ago, the one titled “Don’t Take Things Too Seriously”? Basically, it was about recruitment saying not to stick people into a box, ditch the CV and take chances on the people you hire.

 So it was interesting to read last week Jonathan Mildenhall’s take on how he recruits.

“I have recruited more people who, on paper, shouldn’t have been able to do the job. If my own experience has taught me anything it’s that paper can only tell you so much.

So, if it’s good enough for him, it’s good enough for me.

Which brings me back to the point of a few weeks ago, don’t take things too seriously. And last weekend something really got my goat, again.

Russell Evans slammed by snooty BBC viewers for pronouncing ‘th’ in words as an ‘f’ while reading National Lottery results. Seriously! With the rich diversity of people in the UK, some people pronounce things differently, I’m originally from Birmingham and was slated for my Brummy accent when I moved to London over 20 years ago, one boss even told me if I wanted to progress my career I would have to ditch the accent, so I did, now I have rums in my house instead of rooms, and my Northern friends and family find it hilarious.

The last email I sent about ‘goats’ someone replied saying ‘how can you expect to be taken seriously with typo’s and grammar mistakes, and he was quite right, how can I be taken seriously? I should have replied to him telling Him not to take things too seriously though, we’re all human and I made a mistake and I reckon if he’s reading this now, he’ll pick me up yet again on my typos’, but I don’t really care, if it bugs him that much, he can hit ‘unsubscribe’…or complain to the BBC.

 We’re all human and we’re all different, spelling, grammar, and pronunciation can only tell you so much, so stop judging people and putting them into a box because they don’t fit into the norm.

 Ever thought it might be you that doesn’t fit in into the norm in this diverse and exciting world we live?

I’m crap and spelling and grammar, but I love relationships, developing them and helping others grow businesses through nurturing theirs, so before you judge me, wait until you’ve met me in person. You might just like what you see and hear.

Drop me a line and we can have a coffee – andrew@wayoutconsulting.co.uk

And the next blog might be about passing judgement on someone for making a speech with a cold. Heaven forbid people would do that!