Do you know something that really gets my goat…Goats! But I’ll share that one with you another day.

Starting an agency, or any business for that matter is a big thing. Leaving behind the security of your monthly paycheck is a bloody hard choice to make, we all have responsibilities, bills to pay and mouths to feed, but get it right and it can be amazing. Yet so many people screw it up, and do you know why? Because they forget to focus on the low-hanging fruit that’s right under their nose.

New business is essential to growth, and a healthy pipeline is vital to that, but in the early stages of a newly founded agency, neither of the two traditional routes is always commercially viable due to the outlay.

1 – Outsourced new business agency

2 – An internal hire for someone to do a new biz role

So where does that leave you? Well, take a look in the mirror, you’ve got to do it “but I don’t do sales” I hear you say.

It’s not sales! It’s about relationships.

You’ve got a network of contacts right under your nose, so start using them. They’re the people you’ve worked with before, ex-clients, friends, family, associates, the bloke behind the bar in your local and even that miserable old trout in Tesco where you get your lunch.

All of these people can make you a success; they can be your ambassadors, recommend you and refer you and they are the key, so start building meaningful relationships with people and be nice.

If you’re nice to them, talk to them and genuinely show an interest, you’ve got a far better chance of them showing an interest in you and what you do. And don’t be so up your own arse to ignore the miserable old trout in Tesco, do you know why she’s miserable? Because she’s fed up of listening to her husband moan about the shitty agencies he’s working with and how desperate he is to find new ones that understand them and their business.

New business comes from many different channels and some of those are in places you never expected, so always be nice to people on the way up, because you never know whom you’ll meet on the way down.

So get out there, show an interest in people and instead of feeding your ego, feed their basic human needs, make them feel special and appreciated and build relationships with people. We’re all human.

I’m full of crap tips and useless techniques when it comes golf, but I know a thing or two about new business and relationships.

So if you fancy a chat, drop me a line, let’s meet and I’ll share some ideas with you that might well land some new business for you.