I love a coffee in the morning and a quick flick on LinkedIn to see what people are up to and saying, it’s also a great way to wake my brain up at 7am and get my thoughts going.

Last week I read someone’s update about recruiters and the fact some of them together with HR people, become wary when one’s CV includes an extended period of self-employment.

Some of the reasons claimed is that the candidate could be a threat and difficult to manage, that they don’t adhere well to rules and red tape that’s often too prevalent in some bigger companies and corporate cultures.

Don’t take things too seriously and get over it! A CV puts someone in a box instantly, and whilst experience should be taken into consideration, it’s not the only thing you should be looking for.

Embrace change, disrupt the norm and recruit people for who they are not what they’ve done, and take a chance. If they’re a threat to you, your job, your bosses job, then they are the right kind of talent you need, they’re more likely to become the leaders of the future and the best at their game. If you don’t recruit them, your competitors will.

I’ve recruited all sorts of people into businesses I’ve worked in over the last 20 years, the best of them haven’t come from incredible academic backgrounds, nor have they had a long and stable employment with agency X. What they have had is the right attitude, drive, determination and desire to challenge the status quo and succeed in everything they do. They come up with new ideas, new ways of working and have a relentless entrepreneurial spirit that is infectious. I’ve taken chances time after time, and more often than not, it’s paid off.

Ditch the CV, bollocks to the qualifications and experience and start recruiting people for the attitude and desires they have. Qualifications and experience are about what people have done, and I’d rather employ people on the merit of what they’re going to do.

If you want your business to grow, look outside of the norm, disrupt and embrace change.

At Wayout Consulting, we work with agencies of all sizes and disciplines.

Whether you’re a start up, a young and rising star, or established, we help you achieve growth through better relationships and challenging conventions.

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