‘Of course we can meet, we’re looking at this right now and timing is good”

A big part of my job is meeting people and I love it, however before doing so I always ensure the meeting is going to be worthwhile, not only for me but also for those I’m meeting after all, life is too short to be trekking up and down the country to meet Peter the tea-boy who has no ability to make a decision or even comprehend what the hell I’m talking about and how it can effect the success or failure of the business.

So why is it with some of the people I meet, who have acknowledged they have needs and requirements and even commit to doing business with you because they can clearly see how we can help, they then disappear like a Robert Maxwell off the back of a boat?!


Rant over, have a good week folks x

And if you do want to meet because you have a genuine desire to grow, get more clients on board, or even to add a bit of process and structure, let me know.