A recent holiday to Cape Town and a forgotten drunken bet resulted in one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, climbing Table Mountain in the 32c midday heat.

As a keen runner and someone that keeps fit, I thought it would be easy, a walk in the park, and for the first hour or so it was, just bloody hot, but then the vertigo set in and the final climb really pushed my stamina and mental strength, but despite my breathlessness, the burning pain in my muscles from the amino acids and the relentless terrain where I was literally pulling my body up step after step with the fear of falling off, I kept going with one thing in my sight, the sense of achievement when I reached the summit, standing on top of the world knowing that I’d reached my goal (with a little help). The feeling was something I’ll never ever forget, along with the fight with myself not to give up and keep on going.

I always say start with the impossible, the biggest dreams, the craziest ideas, the most expensive desires, that way even if you only achieve 50% of your goals, the 50% you achieve can change your life in a way you could only of dreamt of before.

Sadly one of my friends had to turn around half way up, but guess what, at least they’d made it half way and achieved that 50% and that was an achievement to be very proud of, especially as the walk down was just as tough.

Being in business, I always try to make parallels with the experiences outside of work and use those to help shape what I do in work. And on this occasion it’s all about the end goal, having that in sight kept my focus, but I did get some help from someone that had climbed it before, Torben, if it wasn’t for your advice to take a rucksack with plenty of water, food and sunscreen, I think the outcome would have been slightly different.

Just like in business If you want to reached your goals, make millions, be famous for the work you do or just build something up to sell it and retire on a beach, the first thing you need to do is set the goals, be prepared for an incredibly tough, hard working and emotional yet exciting journey ahead, but always get advice and be prepared.

Only once the goals are set can you begin to plan the journey and embark on it, not every road leads us where we need to get to, but as long as you learn from your experiences along the way and have the ability to adapt and stay resilient, you will achieve your greatest desires.

Countless numbers of people I meet in business, fail to plan, and as the saying goes if you fail to plan, you plan to fail, so dream big, only once you know want to achieve can you plan to get there.

So always remember, your dreams are never too big, they’re simply goals which you work towards, get advice along the way push yourself outside of your comfort zone and never ever give up, you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve.