You’ve got a meeting, you arrive on time, ring the intercom and they let you in, sometimes there are four flights of stairs to contend with, never rush it though as there’s nothing worse than a hot clammy hand from someone that’s out of breath and red in the face.

This time though, it’s about the welcome you get when you walk through that door.

I’m sure a lot of you can relate to this, you open the door and all eyes are on you as you walk into the office, then everyone looks back at their screens and continues with their work as if you’ve vanished into a puff of smoke.

So I’m left there standing like a prize plum waiting for someone to say “can I help / are you ok?” or more often than not I have do a little “er, hmm, can someone help me? I’m here to see so and so” Then I feel slightly worthless as if no-one really cares who I am or what I’m doing there.

Scenario 2. I walk through the door, in this case an orange one, someone leaps up and says “hi, how are you, who are you here to see” Instantly I feel relaxed, welcomed and I even had some banter about their close proximity to the pub across the road and the fact it has it’s drawbacks as the boss can see you sneaking in there for a lunchtime drink.

Don’t think I’m being a pre-madona, I don’t want whistles and balloons when I walk into an office, streamers would be nice though, but I always ask myself, is that how they greet everyone, clients, new employees, their own employees.

I always say, be nice, smile, be helpful and welcome people with open arms and make them feel special, people love a warm welcome and it goes a long way to making someones day.