It’s quite easy really, and if you stick these 4 principles, you’ve got a fighting chance to increase your pipeline and get more clients on board.

A lot of sales people however, fall into the trap of selling, remember it’s not about you, it’s about them, and we need to take prospects through a journey of buying.

But before we look at what to do, we need to understand why people don’t buy.

No Trust. This is a simple human feeling, they simply don’t trust you.

No Need. The prospect can’t see the need for your offering or service.

No Help. The prospect doesn’t feel your solution or offering can help them.

No Hurry. The prospect doesn’t want what you’re offering right now.

In the most simplistic of terms, that’s why people don’t buy and if we help them overcome each of these barriers, we’ve got a far better chance of turning prospects into clients.

No Trust. Find commonality and build rapport. People buy people first.

No Need. Find the need through qualifying properly and asking questions. Only then can we provide the right solution based on their requirements.

No Help. Take them through case studies, give them references and demonstrate ROI.

No Hurry. Understand their decision making process and the competitive landscape, create the need for them to do something sooner rather than later.

Obviously there’s a lot more involved in each of these stages, however they should all be taken into consideration when prospecting, and if done well, people will enjoy the buying process you take them through, remember it’s not about us selling, but the experience we give someone that is buying.